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Long Term Rental

If you want to book car for long term or simply need a replacement vehicle, renting a car for a month or more then cabibo travels might be perfect solution. Cabibo offers the opportunity to save money when you rent a car on a monthly or longer basis. Our simple processs of car booking for long term makes it easy, so it is less hassle than a short term lease. With a wide array of vehicles and a premium customer service, we make renting a car long term easy. If you are looking for a car rental for one month or longer, be sure to check out our Long Term Special.

If you plan to reserve a long-term car rental, you will see an addendum in your contract stating that there will be an initial charge for your first 30 days, followed by a subsequent charge every 30 days. The benefits of renting vs leasing a car include the following: Monthly car rentals, Are easier to find than a short-term lease. Are less expensive.

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